GAUR CITY 2 PIN CODE | 11th Avenue, Sector 16C – West, Greater Noida, UTTAR PRADESH

Contact Address:GHAZIABAD CITY (Sub Office), Ghaziabad, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA (IN), PIN CODE- 201009


Post Office type:Sub Office
Related Sub-Office (S.O.):NA
Related Head Office (H.O.):Ghaziabad H.O
Delivery Status:Delivery
Postal Taluk:Ghaziabad
Postal Division:Ghaziabad
Postal Region:Lucknow HQ
Postal Circle:Uttar Pradesh
Contact no:0120-2855641
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About Gaur City 2

Gaur City 2 located in Greater Noida West, Uttar Pradesh, India, is among the most popular residential projects in the Vicinity of Greater Noida. It is a massive township project developed by the renowned real estate developer Gaursons India Limited. Gaur City 2 is spread over an area of 112 acres and consists of 20 towers and 20,000 apartments. This well-designed and Well-architectured project offers all the modern amenities that a modern Lifestyle can aspire for. This well-planned community offers a range of modern amenities and facilities like banks, Post offices, Schools, Hospitals, etc. to its residents. One of the essential pieces of information that anyone living in or planning to move to Gaur City 2 needs to know is its pin code.

The pin code of Gaur City 2 is 201009. The pin code is a unique identifier assigned to each area in India by the Indian Postal Department. The pin code system was introduced in India in 1972 to make the process of delivering mail and parcels more efficient and organized.

The pin code 201009 is also used by various e-commerce websites and online retailers to deliver products to customers residing in Gaur City 2. When a customer places an order on an e-commerce website or online retailer, they are required to provide their address, including their pin code. This helps the delivery personnel to locate the correct address and deliver the product to the customer.

What Do the digits in The Pin Code of Gaur City 2 Mean?

Gaur City 2 Pin Code consists of 6 Digits – 201009. It is situated in the city of Ghaziabad, Greater Noida – West, Uttar Pradesh. We can see six digits in the pincode of gaur city 2, precisely the first digit in the pin code (in this particular case, 2) represents the region of the Post Office, the number 2 serves as the Region number for Utter Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. The Consecutive Second and Third Digits, represent the sub-region & Sorting District, which in our Case is ‘0’ and ‘1’, The last 2 digits in the pin code of gaur city 2, are 009, the last three digits in gaur city 2 pin code is specific for Gaur City 2 Pin code.

PIN Code:

India has a total of 29 states, with more than 720 districts spread across the country, comprising more than 6 lakh Villages, 8200 cities, and towns, making Indian Postal services one of the world’s biggest and most prominent mailing services, with a vast widespread network of 1,56,000+ Post Offices across the Nation.

These Post offices have been allotted a unique PIN code to ensure convenience and smooth functioning of the network.

The word PIN in the PIN code stands for Postal Index Number. It is also known as an area postal code or zip code and is six digits long. The aim of the system was to make manual sorting and delivery of letters easy by avoiding confusion over incorrect addresses and similar names of areas.

The first digit of the PIN code indicates the region, the second digit dictates the Sub-region, and the third combined with the first two indicate the sorting district within that zone. The fourth digit of the PIN code represents the route on which the delivery office is located in the district. The last two digits indicate the post offices. Read More about this.